Monday, November 12, 2007

Fruit chews

Today has left me feeling that my 3 year old definetely has a vivid imagination. I gave the kids these (for those 30+ something ladies) what I would call "SLIME" eggs at Halloween and they looked like something that would be found in your nasal cavity ; YUK, (she called them the "B" word.) When given the worms,she tells you that she no longer wants them. All the whining today stems from this little incident where God forgive she gets the snack I think she is grunts for. Is she going through the terrible 2's very late?

This is why I love beer so much


nancy said...

Hi! I got tagged to play this game on NaBloPoMo called Seven Random or Weird Facts About Me and I am now, according to the rules, tagging you to do the same if you like.

My post explains in full.
cheers, Nancy

sandy said...

Oh, the things they think of!